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Stranger Things
Photograph: Netflix

‘Stranger Things’ confirms title for final series’ first episode – and fans have theories

Dungeons and Dragons buffs, roll up!

Jon Hornbuckle
Written by
Jon Hornbuckle

Netflix has confirmed the title for the opening episode of the fifth and final season of Stranger Things.

To commemorate November 6’s Stranger Things Day the streaming platform made a string of announcements about the future of the franchise.

An Instagram post shared by Netflix and the official Stranger Things account confirmed that the opening episode of the finale season will be called ‘Chapter One: The Crawl’, and it will be written by showrunners the Duffer brothers.

The episode’s title has sent fans into a frenzy of detective work and speculation as they try to predict events of the finale season. Some believe that it’s a reference to fan favourite Eddie Munson crawling back to life via the mysterious water gate from the Upside Down. Others think it refers to Max Mayfield returning from her comatose state after battling Vecna.

One Stranger Things fan has done some sleuthing work to unpack the supernatural conundrum. A quick Google search shows that crawl is a specific move used in Dungeons and Dragons, the fantasy game that has been a constant thread throughout Stranger Things.

Wikipedia defines a ‘dungeon crawl’ as ‘a scenario in fantasy role-playing games in which heroes navigate a labyrinth environment, battling various monsters, avoiding traps, solving puzzles, and looting any treasure they may find.’ 

That certainly sounds like something we’ve come to expect from the sci-fi show.

While fans speculate about what could happen in the final season, even the cast has been left in the dark. Maya Hawke, who plays Robin Buckley, commented on the official Instagram post: ‘When do I get to read this??’ 

Other Stranger Things announcements include a VR game scheduled for release early 2023. Netflix also unveiled several behind-the-scenes photos of the cast filming previous seasons.

A Stranger Things stage play is coming to London, probably.

Stranger Things fans have discovered a hidden Easter egg in the latest season.

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