That mini 'Friends' reunion on last night's Emmys made the show that much better

We're now even more excited about the show's HBO Max special.

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Anna Rahmanan
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Friends reunion on 2020 Emmys
Photograph: ABC

Last night's Emmys were full of wonderful surprises, starting with the fact that the award show was actually much better than we would have expected from a usually ritzy affair now contending with a worldwide pandemic.

Schitt's Creek, the Canadian show that took over the hearts of a multitude of fans after finding a second life on Netflix, was the night's undisputed winner. The series took home the most ever Emmys for a comedy in a single year—including the award for best comedy series.

Succession and The Watchmen also won big (check out the full list of winners right here) but it was the back-and-forward banter in between awards and the various Zoom acceptance speeches that will likely make this a pretty memorable Emmy night.

A slew of UPS workers, doctors and teachers were given the time to speak on camera, reminding viewers at home that—although the show helped us forget so for a bit—we're still living in a pretty strange 2020. We also delighted in Jason Sudeikis' live COVID-19 test and Jeremy Strong's acceptance speech, but it was a mini Friends reunion that resonated with us the most. 

Jennifer Aniston appeared on camera wearing a pink robe from her home after showing up at the Staples Center as the the night's first presenter-in-the-flesh. Her Friends co-star, Courtney Cox, was sitting right next to her.

"Of course I'm here, we live together!" Cox gingerly says to the camera. 

"Yes, we've been roommates since 1994," Aniston says in reply.

Just a few seconds later, third co-star Lisa Kudrow lands on screen. "You live there, too?" asks host Jimmy Kimmel. "Yes, where else would I live?" responds the actress. The sketch ends with a pretty random appearance by actor Jason Bateman. 

The skit worked as a cute precursor to the much anticipated and discussed Friends reunion, set to land on HBO Max at some point this year. Although the filming of the unscripted special has been repeatedly pushed back due to COVID-19, last we heard the show will finally be produced in the upcoming months. We are, indeed, very ready for it. 

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