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The latest set of emojis has landed, and we’re feeling it

The new emojis on Apple iOS 14.5 include a dizzy face, a mended heart and a vaccine syringe

James Manning
Written by
James Manning

We’ve all been feeling new emotions recently, and now at last there are new ways to express them via the international language of emoji.

Unicode’s latest emojis are being rolled out to Apple devices on the iOS 14.5, released today, and we’ve got a sneak peek at the new emojis you’ll be able to use once you’ve updated.

A bandaged heart, a dizzy face with spiral eyes, a face exhaling with exhaustion and a ‘brain fog’ emoji are among the latest emojis coming to Apple devices as part of Emoji 13.1. Which, incidentally, is a handy summary of how we’ve been feeling lately.

There’s also a whole new range of emojis that increase the gender and racial diversity of the emoji alphabet, including more interracial couple options, as well as a ‘heart on fire’ emoji.

One other timely change: Apple has updated the design of the syringe emoji. Previously shown with the needle dripping blood, it’s now empty or clear – a nifty change as vaccination efforts step up worldwide.

The new emojis are available on iOS 14.5, which is available for Apple devices now. Go express yourself!

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