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'Barbie' posters have just dropped
Warner Bros. Pictures'Barbie' posters have just dropped

The new ‘Barbie’ movie posters have just dropped and Twitter is ‘literally combusting’

It’s “Top Gun: Maverick but for the girlies and the gays”

Written by
Almha Murphy

The official posters for the ‘Barbie’ movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling have just been released and let’s just say Twitter has been screaming, crying, throwing up rn. Directed by the award-winning Greta Gerwig, the movie’s release date of 21 July 2023 can’t seem to come fast enough.

“I’m literally combusting,” one tweet has declared. Other social media users have already started early with 2024’s Oscars predictions, calling for ‘Barbie’’s Best Picture nomination. The posters also revealed which characters the actors will be playing (hint: there’s more than one Barbie.) 

Some of the casting has come as a surprise, with several Twitter users wondering what Michael Cera is doing playing Ken’s best friend. While others have been celebrating the diversity of the actors, which includes Issa Rae playing president Barbie and Ritu Arya as a Pulitzer prize winner.

We’ve rounded up some of the public’s most hilarious reactions below:

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