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The UK is trialling a four-day working week – here’s what you had to say about it

Here are some of readers’ best reactions to the new pilot scheme

Ed Cunningham
Written by
Ed Cunningham

Earlier this week, we covered a new four-day working week trial that started this month in the UK. More than 30 businesses across the country are taking part in the pilot, which is organised by the Four-Day Week Campaign and will see employees working four days instead of five – for the same amount of pay.

On the one hand, people in support of the scheme claim it could have huge benefits for productivity, wellbeing, the environment, gender equality, employment and even profit margins. Others think it’s too ambitious and that it could lead to some social groups working much harder and longer than others.

Obviously, it’s a hot topic. It seems everyone wants to either work less or accuse people of not wanting to work enough. And so the reaction on Time Out’s social media channels saw a healthy mixture of scepticism, optimism, chuckle-worthy jokes and even the odd good point. Here are some of our fave reactions.

‘It’s called “Working From Home”.’

‘It won’t be for retail, though.’

‘I’ve been doing this in Canada for a few years now. Very forward-thinking, better life/work split, better performance at work and a happier home family life. It’s the way forward.’

‘Welcome to our world. Been working 12.5hr shifts for years in the NHS with no coffee break. It’s great u should try it lol.’ 

‘Well, I guess the public sector will have to work faster. Good luck!’

‘I think the working week should end at 12 noon on a Friday.’

‘This is good for those in need of three days recovering from a hangover.’

‘In 1973/74 we had to do a three-day week to conserve energy because of the miners’ strike.’

‘This would actually create millions of jobs, as they could introduce three days part time for others who wish to do so.’

‘Get back to me when we work for two days and have five days for ourselves.’

‘Wait until artificial intelligence and robotics becomes better – it will be a zero-day work week.’

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Find out more about the UK’s new four-day working week pilot.

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