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Durdle Door
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These are officially the most Instagrammable beaches in Europe

A new study has revealed the locations that appear on the social media platform the most

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

Going on holiday is cool and all, but making sure everyone else knows you’re on holiday is, these days, just as much part of the fun. And you know what that means? Yep, that’s right. Posting all about your trip on the ‘gram.

But where should you head if you’re looking for maximum Insta clout? Well, a study from The Thinking Traveller reckons it has figured out which European beaches are the most Instagrammable. The report essentially totted up the number of Instagram posts which include a hashtag of each beach, thereby, in theory, revealing which beaches are best suited for showing off to your mates.

Top of the ranking comes Étretat beach in Normandy, France, which is known for its white pebbles, emerald waters, chalk cliffs and a 70-metre-tall pointed rock called ‘The Needle’. So far as coastlines go, Étretat is pretty damn spectacular. Next on the list is Durdle Door in Dorset, England, an iconic section of the Jurassic Coast famous for its 10,000-year-old limestone arch.

Now, you might well have noticed a pattern here. With these hashtags, the actual beaches aren’t necessarily the star of the show. Both Étretat and Durdle Door are best known for their rock formations. But they do, admittedly, also happen to have beaches nearby.

The rest of The Thinking Traveller’s ranking, however, features more conventional beaches. Third in the list comes La Pelosa in Sardinia, a beach which is striking for its huge expanses of white sand and glowing waters, while fourth is the similarly idyllic Torre Lapillo in Puglia. 

Here are the ten most Instagrammable beaches in Europe (along with the total number of hashtags) according to the study:

1. Étretat beach, France (406,321 posts)

2. Durdle Door beach, UK (265,276)

3. La Pelosa beach, Italy (109,135)

4. Torre Lapillo, Italy (95,083)

5. Navagio beach, Greece (80,824)

6. Cala Luna, Italy (75,012)

7. Punta Prosciutto, Italy (74,102)

8. La Concha beach, Spain (72,114)

9. Playa de Muro beach, Spain (70,831)

10. Porto Katsiki beach, Greece (55,496)

You can find out more about The Thinking Traveller’s report here.

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