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Clay Peres / IPPAWARDS
Photograph: Clay Peres / IPPAWARDS

These award-winning photos were all taken on a phone

From tender portraits to majestic landscapes, the IPPAWARDS is a showcase for iPhone photography

Ed Cunningham
Written by
Ed Cunningham

These days, smartphone cameras are mindbogglingly good. Many of us have an entire camera set-up, with all the filters and lenses of a pre-digital photographer’s wildest dreams, all in our pockets. And yet most of us still take rubbish photos – at least compared to the incredible winners of the iPhone Photography Awards.

Known as the IPPAWARDS (and not affiliated in any way with iPhone manufacturers Apple), this annual contest shows the spectacular potential of what can be done with just a smartphone. This is the fifteenth edition and, as always, it received thousands of submissions of photos taken on various iPhones around the world.

The winners range from shots of tenderness during wartime and artily framed snaps to stunning nature photographs. You can check out all the winners for yourself on the IPPAWARDS website here, but in the meantime below we’ve selected a few of our favourites.

‘The Kid of Mosul’ by Antonio Denti

Antonio Denti / IPPAWARDS
Photograph: Antonio Denti / IPPAWARDS

‘Girl With The Violin’ by Kelley Dallas

Kelley Dallas / IPPAWARDS
Photograph: Kelley Dallas / IPPAWARDS

‘Untitled’ by William Ainger

William Ainger / IPPAWARDS
Photograph: William Ainger / IPPAWARDS

‘Untitled’ by Sanjay Chauhan

Sanjay Chauhan / IPPAWARDS
Photograph: Sanjay Chauhan / IPPAWARDS

‘Megaptera Novaeangliae’ by Hieu Tran

Photograph: Hieu Tran / IPPAWARDS

‘Shadows of History’ by Kaustav Sarkar

Kaustav Sarkar / IPPAWARDS
Photograph: Kaustav Sarkar / IPPAWARDS

‘Over the Overpass’ by Yongmei Wang

Yongmei Wang / IPPAWARDS
Photograph: Yongmei Wang / IPPAWARDS

‘Pink Cadillac’ by Clay Peres

Clay Peres / IPPAWARDS
Photograph: Clay Peres / IPPAWARDS

‘Floating on Fire’ by Leping Cheng

Leping Cheng / IPPAWARDS
Photograph: Leping Cheng / IPPAWARDS

‘Varanasi in Winter’ by Kuanglong Zhang

Kuanglong Zhang / IPPAWARDS
Photograph: Kuanglong Zhang / IPPAWARDS

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