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These award-winning wildlife photos capture the beauty of the natural world

From clumsy squirrels to blissed-out orangutans, the images show animals at their most beautiful – and hilarious

Sophie Dickinson
Written by
Sophie Dickinson

Peering up at its parent, eyes wide and adoring, this baby orangutan looks about as happy and contented as can be. The photo, taken by Michael Milfeit, is one of the winning entries of the CEWE Photo Awards, which bring together the best snaps by amateurs and professionals alike.

The general theme this year was ‘Our World is Beautiful’, and these images were all entered into the animal category. From clumsy squirrels to a slumbering fox, all the winning shots are worth a look, but here are a few of our favourites.

‘On an adventure’ by Lucia Blaskova

On an Adventure
Photograph: Lucia Blaskova / The CEWE Photo Award

‘Taking shelter’ by Arlette Magiera

Taking shelter
Photograph: Arlette Magiera / The CEWE Photo Award

‘Motherly affection’ by Thorsten Hanewald

Motherly affection
Photograph: Thorsten Hanewald / The CEWE Photo Award

‘Frosty afternoon’ by Grzegroz Bukalski

On an Adventure
Photograph: Grzegroz Bukalski / The CEWE Photo Award

‘Oh no!’ by Doris Dorfler Asmus

On an Adventure
Photograph: Doris Dorfler Asmus / The CEWE Photo Award

‘Peek a boo!’ by Tilly Meijer

Tilly Meijerv
Photograph: Doris Dorfler Asmus / The CEWE Photo Award

‘Under the sea’ by Susan Moritz

Under the sea
Photograph: Doris Dorfler Asmus / The CEWE Photo Award

‘Jumping for joy’ by Julian Rad

Jumping for joy
Photograph: Julian Rad / The CEWE Photo Award

‘It’s feeding time’ by Dikye Ariani

It’s feeding time
Photograph: Dikye Ariani / The CEWE Photo Award

‘Bubbles of fun’ by Jennifer Freytag

Bubbles of fun
Photograph: Jennifer Freytag / The CEWE Photo Award

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