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This beer is made with goose poop, if you’re into that kind of thing

Wasted Potential Imperial Stout is a boozy statement on utilizing waste

Morgan Olsen
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Morgan Olsen

File this under Shit We Can't Make Up: Finnish microbrewery Ant Brew is dropping a brand-new beer that's made with goose poop (puns very much intended). The cheekily named Wasted Potential Imperial Stout is one of three beers aimed at starting conversations around 'food waste, utilization of waste, urban farming and local and wild food among beer enthusiasts,' says Ant Brew's Kari Puttonen.

The unique concoction draws inspiration from the brewery's home city of Lahti, Finland, which was named the European Green Capital for 2021. As first reported by Food & Wine, the city wanted to show off its award with a celebratory beer collaboration, and the brewers at Ant were more than happy to get their hands dirty. So, why poop?

Ant Brew beers
Photograph: Anna Salmisalo

'The goose droppings are gathered from local parks, where geese are causing a messy problem,' an announcement explains. 'Now, the local parks get cleaner and the special edition summer beverages are perfect for a picnic in the park – a true two birds with one stone type of solution.'

If you're still scratching your head, it's important to note that the brewery is using the goose poop in a 'food-safe way to smoke malt to create a unique stout beer.' In other words, your stout probably won't taste like poo. Look out for this special brew, dropping later this summer – just in time for a goose poop-free hangout in the park.

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