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This British seaside town has just got a spectacular new look

A new pedestrianised zone in Worthing has found a wacky way to brighten up the tarmac

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

Let’s face it: too many British seaside towns look too bloomin’ similar. Piers, arcades, beach huts, fish ‘n’ chip shops… it’s all very pleasant, but why not spice it up a bit? Well, that’s what they’ve done down in Worthing, a town on England’s south coast. 

Worthing has unveiled a newly pedestrianised zone in the town centre that is decorated with loads of wiggly white lines. Montague Place takes inspiration from similarly squiggly paving patterns in Copenhagen, which are designed to lighten up the dark, drab tarmac.

And there’s more to Montague’s renovation than just wiggly patterns. The entire west side of the pedestrianised zone is now a space dedicated to outdoor seating, markets and the like, whereas new lighting supposedly makes one of Worthing’s central areas a bit more attractive. It’ll also eventually be kitted-out with fancy, free public Wi-Fi.

Montague Place, Worthing
Photograph: Worthing Borough Council

In short, the refurb looks pretty cool. But obviously, as this is the UK and everyone loves complaining, there have been more than a few critics of the lines. According to Metro, some locals have criticised the new pedestrianised road, saying it’s a ‘waste of money’ and has a ‘silly design’. You can’t please everyone, eh?

Even so, the current renovation of Montague Place is only a temporary measure. Adur and Worthing Council says it will be working with residents and traders to figure out what they’d like to see in the area in the long-term.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the council’s plans for Montague Place, further details are available here.

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