This handy map shows Covid entry requirements for British travellers around the world

A journalist has created a colour-coded guide that cuts through the maze of restrictions

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While travel restrictions are beginning to loosen in many areas of the world, the pandemic has left borders in a bit of a mess. Navigating which countries require certain Covid tests at certain times can feel a bit overwhelming – not least because restrictions and circumstances seem to change on a daily basis.

Handily, one journalist has created some colour-coded maps to show the various entry restrictions for British travellers across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Sam Street’s maps show countries with the most relaxed entry requirements in green, and those with harsher measures in yellow, orange or dark grey. Here’s the one for vaccinated travellers in Europe, accurate as of March 15:

As you can see, the requirements range from no restrictions to PCR testing and full-on travel bans. According to the map, in Europe only Poland and the Netherlands still require tests for vaccinated and/or boosted travellers – though the Netherlands is rumoured to be dropping that requirement on March 23.

But the map doesn’t just show testing requirements. Street’s colour code also explains which countries require booster jabs, and the earliest date you could have had it on. Needless to say, it’s a pretty cool tool – and Street appears to update it rather often on his Twitter account.

The journalist has also made a map of the same region showing the requirements for unvaccinated travellers. As you can see below, entry rules across Europe are still much stricter for people who haven’t been jabbed.

Though restrictions are easing in some places, plenty of countries are still making life difficult for the unjabbed. Lots of places are still largely off-limits, with other countries enforcing PCR testing and strict quarantine.

On Twitter, Street usually follows each map with a thread of recent updates and a list of countries that have loosened travel rules. In all, it’s a simple but tremendously effective resource – and well worth a look for anyone who needs help navigating the current maze of border restrictions.

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