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Cape Town cityscape
Photograph: fivepointsix /

This incredible drone footage shows empty cities around the world

From New York to Cape Town via Istanbul, we can’t get over the strange allure of these drone-shot videos

Huw Oliver
Written by
Huw Oliver

It’s starting to become quite soothing, seeing our usually-bustling city centres almost totally devoid of human life. A few weeks ago, it was simply unnerving. Now, however, we’re getting pretty used to the idea of the streets being that significant bit calmer. For a brief while, it can allow us to appreciate the latent charm of the cities we call home. And also take in that increasingly clean, clear air.

We’ve scoured the depths of YouTube and turned up a gaggle of entrancing drone videos that show just how much city life, from Toronto to Dhaka via Cape Town, has come to a pretty conclusive standstill over the past month. We can’t get over the strange allure of it all.

New York, USA

Prague, Czech Republic

Cape Town, South Africa

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dublin, Ireland

Sydney, Australia

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Lisbon, Portugal

Toronto, Canada

Copenhagen, Denmark

London, UK

Istanbul, Turkey

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