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Nis, Serbia
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This is Europe’s cheapest city for a romantic getaway right now

Want an affordable couples’ weekend trip? Here’s where to go

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

Given the continuing cost-of-living crisis, a weekend getaway might seem like a luxury. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are still plenty of affordable destinations out there – especially if you’re travelling as a couple. And going cheap certainly doesn’t have to kill off romance.

If you’re looking to get away for a romantic weekend on a budget, a new study by Jersey Island Holidays might well be of use. By analysing the average price of taxis, alcohol, accommodation, dinners and more over two days, the study came up with a list of Europe’s most affordable destinations for a couples’ getaway. The original study included the price of flights to and from the UK, but we’ve taken those out to reveal which destinations are cheapest once you’re there.

The most affordable destination in the study was Nis in Serbia, which had an average weekend cost of just £114 ($137). Serbia’s third-largest city is a treasure-trove of stuff to see and do, too – here you’ll find everything from Roman ruins and medieval fortresses to ancient spas.

Next-cheapest were two Bosnian cities: Banja Luka, which had an average weekend cost of £122 ($147), and Tuzla, with an average spend of £125 ($151). Balkan destinations dominated the list – though it’s worth mentioning that flights to Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina are often a little more on the expensive side.

Here are the most affordable couples’ getaway destinations in Europe, along with the average cost of a weekend. 

  1. Nis, Serbia (£114 / $137)
  2. Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (£122 / $147)
  3. Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina (£125 / $151)
  4. Pristina, Kosovo (£134 / $162)
  5. Skopje, North Macedonia (£138 / $166)
  6. Podgorica, Montenegro (£139 / $168)
  7. Chisinau, Moldova (£150 / $181)
  8. Debrecen, Hungary (£156, $188)
  9. Lublin, Poland (£163 / $197)
  10. Belgrade, Serbia (£173 / £209)

So you most certainly can still go on a romantic getaway on a budget – and explore some fascinating places while you do it. Not in a couple? Then this list of Europe’s most budget-friendly destinations might be for you.

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