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This Italian neighbourhood has a new way to ‘cheers!’ during social distancing

Ellie Walker-Arnott
Written by
Ellie Walker-Arnott

If we’ve proved anything during this current world situation it’s that humankind is adaptable. Over the last few weeks a large percentage of the planet has been on lockdown, with bars, restaurants and museums all over the world closed. But has it made us cease all socialising? Quite the opposite. As your calendar full of virtual drinks, dinners, exercise classes and quizzes proves, we’ve simply changed the way we hang out with our pals.

Offline, people are finding inventive ways to share experiences too, like this street in Ireland who have been watching movies together from their front gardens. Over in Italy, one neighbourhood has found a clever workaround so they can still socialise IRL.

Balconies in the south of Italy
Photograph: Sun_Shine/

While adhering to the country’s current strict social distancing rules, these neighbours in Bella, in the south of Italy, invented a creative way to say cheers from their respective balconies. Resident Mauro Ricigliano shared the full video on Facebook with the caption ‘neighbourhood toast’. 

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They attached their champagne flutes to the end of long poles and toasted, clinking their glasses together high above the street. All, seemingly, without spilling a drop. 

Wanna try this at home? To make sure there’s zero chance of contamination we’d go for an air clink instead. 

Look at us — still being creative, sociable creatures, even in times of crisis. Salute!

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