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This map highlights the most popular ice cream flavor in every state

Do you agree with your state's pick?

Morgan Olsen
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Morgan Olsen

Turns out you're not the only one stockpiling ice cream this summer. According to grocery-delivery service Instacart, ice cream purchases hit their frosty peak every year in July – and 2021 is no different. This year, the online marketplace is scooping into its data to divulge every state's favorite ice cream flavor.

Now, before we get started, it's worth noting that vanilla is hands down the most popular ice cream flavor in the US, accounting for just over 25 percent of all sales. But because no one wants to see a map covered in vanilla ice cream, Instacart ditched the plain stuff to figure out what customers reach for when they're feeling a bit more adventurous. (Not that there's anything wrong with a bowl of really good vanilla ice cream.)

What's their methodology, you ask? Instacart 'determined the most popular ice cream flavors in America by measuring which flavor in each state has the highest relative share of all ice cream purchases compared to the national average.'

Grab a spoon and let's dive into the United States of Ice Cream:

Instacart Ice Cream Map
Image: Courtesy Instacart

As you can probably tell from the speckled pattern all over the Midwest, Moose Tracks is the top flavor overall, claiming a total of 12 states. The beloved flavor finds chunks of peanut butter cups swimming in vanilla ice cream that's streaked with swirls of fudge. Second place is a four-way tie between Rocky Road, green tea, coffee and birthday cake.

Ready to find out how your hometown weighs in? Take a look at the full rundown of every state's favorite ice cream flavor below:

Alabama: Moose Tracks

Alaska: Green Tea

Arizona: Rocky Road

Arkansas: Rainbow Sherbet

California: Rocky Road

Colorado: Green Tea

Connecticut: Pistachio

Delaware: Cherry

Florida: Rum Raisin

Georgia: Rum Raisin

Hawaii: Mango

Idaho: Green Tea

Illinois: Moose Tracks

Indiana: Moose Tracks

Iowa: Moose Tracks

Kansas: Rainbow Sherbet

Kentucky: Chocolate Chip

Louisiana: Birthday Cake

Maine: Coffee

Maryland: Cookie Dough

Massachusetts: Coffee

Michigan: Moose Tracks

Minnesota: Moose Tracks

Mississippi: Birthday Cake

Missouri: Cookie Dough

Montana: Rainbow Sherbet

Nebraska: Moose Tracks

Nevada: Rocky Road

New Hampshire: Coffee

New Jersey: Pistachio

New Mexico: Chocolate Chocolate Chip

New York: Pistachio

North Carolina: Birthday Cake

North Dakota: Moose Tracks

Ohio: Chocolate Chip

Oklahoma: Cookie Dough

Oregon: Green Tea

Pennsylvania: Mint Chip

Rhode Island: Coffee

South Carolina: Moose Tracks

South Dakota: Birthday Cake

Tennessee: Moose Tracks

Texas: Rainbow Sherbet

Utah: Rocky Road

Vermont: Coffee

Virginia: Birthday Cake

Washington: Green Tea

Washington, D.C.: Mango

West Virginia: Moose Tracks

Wisconsin: Moose Tracks

Wyoming: Rocky Road

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