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This mesmerising moon snap was among the winners of a mountaineering photo contest

From daring rock climbers to dazzling campsites, here are all the best shots from the 2022 CVCEPhoto awards

Ed Cunningham
Written by
Ed Cunningham

Four silhouettes are captured within a huge full moon, riding down the mountain. It’s at once a tiny bit spooky, a little comical and totally striking – not to mention phenomenally well timed.

Taken by Yhabril Moro in the Spanish Pyrenees, this snap is one of 20 winners of the 2022 CVCEPhoto awards, a competition organised by the Club Vasco de Camping Elkartea, a mountaineering club based in San Sebastián, Spain. The idea of the contest is to use photography to promote mountain activities, from freeclimbing and skiing to kayaking and mountain-biking.

The awards ceremony for 2022’s CVCEPhoto awards will be held in San Sebastián on May 28 and you can check out the full list of winners here. But in the meantime, we’ve rounded up a few of our fave winners, including...

This eerie shot of a skier from within a ice cave

‘Fenêtre hivernale’
Photograph: CVCEPhoto 2022 / Paul Zizka

This vast, bright orange climbing cliff

‘Burning Desert’
Photograph: CVCEPhoto 2022 / Jose Allende

A very, very bold climber hanging over an arch

‘Elena Poli climbing in the incredible beautiful arch in Grotta’
Photograph: CVCEPhoto 2022 / Christian Core

This mind-meltingly beautiful camping spot

‘Star Hotel’
Photograph: CVCEPhoto 2022 / Nicolai Brugger

Someone literally kayaking off a waterfall

‘Aniol sin miedo en una postal’
Photograph: CVCEPhoto 2022 / David Nogales

A cinematic off-piste skier

‘Blink and You’ll Miss It’
Photograph: CVCEPhoto 2022 / Jordan Scattum

This dangling escape from an icy ravine

Photograph: CVCEPhoto 2022 / Julia Roger Veyer

A very, very close shave

Photograph: CVCEPhoto 2022 / Christoph Jorda

Icicle climbing!

‘Ice Cave’
Photograph: CVCEPhoto 2022 / Piotrek Deska

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