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EU’s travel map

This official EU map reveals where in Europe you can travel right now

The interactive ‘Reopen Europa’ site tells you which countries have reopened – and what you can actually do there

Huw Oliver
Written by
Huw Oliver

As of yesterday, the European Union is recommending that all its member states and other countries in the Schengen free-movement area reopen their borders. Tourists are – tentatively – returning to beaches, beauty spots and big-hitting attractions across the continent.

Yet right now, anyone travelling through Europe will be met with a complicated tangle of checks and restrictions that differ from nation to nation. Frankly, it’s bit of a nightmare to get your head around. So how best to figure out where exactly you can go over the summer? And what you can actually do once you’re there?

Last week we spotlighted this handy map from Tripsguard that offers a brief summary of border restrictions and health checks for every country in the world. But even better, if Europe’s your focus, is this new interactive map and website from the European Commission that provides up-to-date information on border controls and health guidelines for EU member states.

Hover over any country, and this nifty tool will tell you which nationalities can get in, to what extent you can travel internally, what transport you can use, whether you need to quarantine, and whether you need to take a test or provide a negative test result to get in.

It will also let you know whether shops, visitor accommodation, restaurants, bars, cafés, beaches and museums are allowed to reopen in any given destination – so if the idea of a holiday without art or booze or sunbathing is anathema to you, you’ll be able to whittle down your choices very easily. Us personally? We’ll be looking for all three.

When will you be able to travel again? Here’s everything we know so far.

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