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Has Dubrovnik actually banned wheelie suitcases?

Dubrovnik in Croatia was reported to have banned some types of luggage in its old town – but Croatia’s tourism board has refuted the reports

Ed Cunningham
Written by
Ed Cunningham

With its remarkably steep hills and bumpy cobbled streets, the Croatian city of Dubrovnik isn’t the easiest place to lug around a wheeled suitcase. Even so, visitors pulling noisy suitcases along the city’s streets as they make their way to hotels and Airbnbs is a common sight – but could that soon come to an end?

It was recently reported that Dubrovnik had officially banned wheelie suitcases from the streets of its old town, meaning travellers would have no choice but to carry their bags instead. Apparently, those caught wheeling their suitcases could be lumped with a sizeable €265 (£228, $290) fine.

Since news of the ban circulated, however, the Croatian National Tourism Board has released a statement refuting the reports.

‘The city administration of Dubrovnik has not implemented, nor does it have any intention to introduce, any penalties regarding the use of suitcases in the historic centre,’ the statement from CNTB says.

The City of Dubrovnik did, however, launch an informative animated video that aims to educate visitors on how to be mindful when exploring the historic centre, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The animation displays the kind of behaviour Dubrovnik would prefer not to see from tourists, such as walking around dressed for the beach in the historic centre and littering. One clip depicts a tourist dragging along a wheeled suitcase and disturbing the peace. The CNTB emphasises that it’s only a recommendation not to use wheeled suitcases, rather than a rule.

Currently, Dubrovnik is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia. Known for its walled old town, sublime sea views and picture-perfect nearby beaches, it’s also rammed with tourists and was recently named Europe’s most overcrowded spot.

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