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This season’s must-have accessory? The Barilla Pasta Bag

Have your pasta and wear it, too

Morgan Olsen
Written by
Morgan Olsen

Step aside, Louis and Bottega. This season's 'It' bag is Nik Bentel's Pasta Bag, a cheeky, carbo-loaded take on lockdown life that's gone totally viral.

The blue leather handbag looks just like a box of Barilla's penne pasta – complete with cooking instructions, nutrition facts and a recipe idea on the back. All of those details have been printed onto the fully functional leather bag using UV technology. Chic gold hardware and a leather handle only up the ante.

'The bag is an irreverent take on the past year of staying inside – using the mundane objects we had lying around during the pandemic and turning them into something a little more thrilling for our post-pandemic world,' the New York-based designer says in a press release. 'The goal of the bag is to inspire a bit of thought and reflection on being able to create something exciting from the mundane.'

Bentel – who has designed everything from dresses and furniture to smoking pipes – has crafted just 100 units of the bag. And once the limited-edition run is done, 'there will not be any more made,' he promises. The Barilla Pasta Bag retails for $199 and will be available at on Wednesday, August 11 at 10am EST.

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