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Photograph: Jasin Boland/Disney

This supercut shows how the new ‘Mulan’ is almost identical to the animated original

Apart from the dragon, obviously

By Time Out Film

The new live-action version of Mulan arrives on Disney+ today to be greeted, broadly speaking, by two groups of people: those who are thrilled to embrace a new vision of the ancient Chinese folk tale about a warrior princess, and those who will struggle to forgive it for jettisoning everyone’s favourite sidekick dragon, Mushu, and many of the songs.

But there’s a third, slightly smug group, who will tell you: ‘Ah! I think you’ll find the two movies are a lot more similar that you might think.’ And they have a champion in IMDb’s hard-working video team who have created a supercut of all the shots today’s Mulan reprises from its animated predecessor. Take a look below.

Uncanny, right? Clearly, director Niki Caro and her team have been looking to keep dedicated Mulan-istas happy, while throwing in all the visual fireworks afforded them by going live-action (and, you know, having a $200 million budget).

If you’re keen to catch the new Mulan, it’s available now on Disney+ via premium access at £19.99 (in the UK) or $29.99 (US). It’s out in Chinese cinemas from September 11.

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