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Greggs in Bradford train station
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Train companies across the UK are luring commuters with free Greggs bacon sandwiches

Passengers can also sign up for free coffees, audiobooks – and even a mindfulness app

Ed Cunningham
Written by
Ed Cunningham

Still hesitant about returning to the daily commute? Well, here’s a pretty unbeatable incentive to you get back on the rails. National Rail is offering passengers a complimentary breakfast from beloved bakery chain Greggs to persuade people to start commuting by train again.

The scheme is called ‘Back on Track’, and it doesn’t just include a free Greggs. Commuters who register for rewards can also receive free audiobooks, complimentary coffees from London-based coffee chain Pure, concert tickets and even access to a mindfulness app. So when you’re back to the daily grind, mushed up against loads of other smelly commuters on a two-hour-late train, at least you can be caffeined-up, full of sausage rolls and mentally zen.

Which is pretty bloomin’ great, if you ask us. Now all rail companies have got left to do is get the trains to actually run on time – or run at all. Train services in the UK are currently mostly running at a pandemic-level service, but they’re expected to increase in the coming weeks as demand grows. The Department for Transport puts current passenger numbers at just 50 percent of pre-pandemic levels.

Back on Track also isn’t the only way National Rail is trying to lure commuters. Last week rail chiefs announced they were looking for ways to make trains quieter. One way of doing this is by cutting down on so-called ‘tannoy-spam’ – in other words, reducing the number of those annoying and pretty pointless messages blasting out public information about having your tickets ready or snitching on people begging on board.

Free stuff, just for getting the train to work? We can’t help but think this is what the world should’ve been like all along. You can claim your complimentary things by registering for the Back on Track scheme here.

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