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Olivia Rodrigo
Photo: YouTube

Watch Olivia Rodrigo's full concert film right here

Here's your free ticket to 'Sour Prom'

Written by
Andy Kryza

Earlier this week, 18-year-old global pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo endured the wrath of grown adult Courtney Love after the former released a promotional image of herself crying in a prom dress. The Hole singer cried "plagiarism" over its similarities to the band's 1994 album cover for Live Through This while simultaneously developing a selective case of amnesia concerning the existence of the Brian de Palma film Carrie

The High School Musical: The Musical - The Series star stayed relatively quiet during the hissyfit, probably because she had something much bigger on her mind: The release of her short concert film, Sour Prom

"Since i never got to go to prom, I wanted to throw a little prom party with my fav ppl (you guys obvs)," Rodrigo said in a post announcing the surprise film earlier this month. And last night, just before midnight EST, she made good on her promise by dropping the entire mini-concert film online. 

Watch the whole 28-minute film here:

The film kicks off as many proms do: in a limo, where she performs "Happier'' and "Déjå Vu" from her smash-hit debut, Sour. It also includes a dance floor rendition of the rollicking "Brutal," joins the event's live band on stage for "Jealousy, Jealousy," and croons an intimate version of her breakout single "Drivers License" from behind a grand piano. 

The short film concludes with a rousing rendition of her current single, "Good 4U" accompanied by a full marching band, taking a cue from concert-film MVP David Byrne in its embrace of pure spectacle. 

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