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Welcome to the ‘Goatel’, a new farm stay where you basically just hang with goats

Trek out into the rural US for some quality animal therapy

Ed Cunningham
Written by
Ed Cunningham

Yoga’s been all the rage for long enough that, by now, you may be looking to spice it up a bit. And no, we’re not talking about all that weird tantric stuff. We’re talking goats. Yes, goats.

At this so-called ‘Goatel’ in Alvin, Texas, you can take part in ‘goat yoga’, which is exactly as great as it sounds. The animals jump over participants, can be petted and are sometimes even placed on yoga-doers backs. The proper name is caprine vinyasa, and it’s a very legit form of animal therapy.  

But goat yoga isn’t the only goat-related thing you can do at the Goatel. Aside from being able to spend quality time with the animals at ‘Goat Happy Hour’, the location itself is very pretty and picturesque – ideal for a super-chilled, goat-filled mental health break.

The Goatel was established by Lainey Morse (the original inventor of goat yoga) in spring 2020. This year, the Texas arm will be joined by further locations in Rabun Gap, Georgia, and Williamston, Michigan.

The rooms are decorated with goat-themed cushions, portraits and statuettes, and there’s loads of other non-goat stuff to do, too. The Goatels also offer outdoor cinema nights, champagne under the stars, campfire roastings and private wine tastings. These destinations aren’t just sheds filled with manky goats: they’re pretty glamorous places to stay, too.

So, fancy going goat-mad for a few days? Rates at a Goatel start at around $165 per person per night (though they vary by location). The Georgia and Michigan outposts will open this spring – find out more on the Goatel website.

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