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What is Netflix Plus?
Photo: Netflix

What is Netflix Plus?

Well it’s nothing right now, but it’s potentially a huge Netflix expansion soon. Here’s what we know…

Written by
Rhys Thomas

Tech never sleeps, does it. Every time you check a piece of electronic stuff there’s an update for this and a fix for that. So it’s no surprise that as streaming services begin to catch up with Netflix, the streaming giant is considering ways of becoming more unique again. 

This potential expansion from Netflix has come to light as they have sent a survey to some of their customers about the concept of a new platform called N-Plus. In the survey, they describe the N-Plus as "a future online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows you love and anything related to them," as reported by Protocol

Of course, Netflix send all kinds of surveys out about potential new moves so there's no guarantee anything will come to fruition. However, this survey is reported to be very thought out and detailed – therefore there's a fair chance it could come to life soon. 

Numerous reports on the N-Plus survey have started circulating on tech-based websites, and collectively they suggest there could be a big variety of new features from Netflix on N-Plus. Potentially changing the game for what streaming services can offer.

As it will be an online space, there's also a possibility that some features won't be behind a paywall. Netflix already create content for their YouTube other social platforms which anyone can access, along with Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party), for example. So there's every chance we see more of these types of content from Netflix, just collated on one shiny new website. 

There's also been talk of a playlist creation aspect to N-Plus – where presumably you could make a playlist of all your favourite episodes, shows, or films, and share them with other people. Which could get fun. 'A playlist of every single time a Friends character gets with someone we don't know', anyone? There's also suggestion this could include soundtracks. Other features that have been rumoured include Netflix-generated podcasts, interviews, news, feature articles, and games. 

While a lot of the details are up in the air for now, it's fair to say streaming services such as Netflix are looking to expand into a wider universe of content for their subscribers and beyond. Perhaps one day the idea of just having a near-endless supply of TV and Film to watch on a website could be considered dated.  

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