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Raya Celebrity Dating App
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What is Raya and why is everyone talking about it?

The Hollywood A-List dating app has been doing the rounds online, here's all you need to know about it

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Rhys Thomas

Imagine you're at home and you've had a nice natural wine and you think: I'll swipe through some dating app. Dangerous maybe, but we all do it. So then you're swiping, and all of a sudden, actual Channing Tatum or Cara Delevingne pop up, right there and ready to speak to. Well, if you're able to get onto Raya, this all becomes a possibility.

What is Raya?

It's an exclusive dating app reportedly preferred by Hollywood types and other elite people such as famous athletes, musicians, artists, and supermodels. It launched back in 2015 but has continually grown since then.

As it's a bit exclusive, you have to apply to get into it. In 2019 just 8 per cent of members were accepted, according to Business Insider. You also have to be referred by someone on the app before you can apply. 

People who get accepted are manually approved by an anonymous group of people. Typically they're looking for people who are creative, successful, interesting, and many other intimidating things. The users are everyone from A-Listers and influencers to edgy hunky poets and low-key DJs. 

The app is also global as opposed to local, so when you're on there you can potentially meet people from the other side of the world. When you have a private jet, as many of the users might, flying from New York to London is no bother for the right match. 

Okay, it's a dating app for A-Listers and cool people, got it. Why is everyone talking about it? 

Raya is being spoken about online because of TikTok (like with most things that are spoken about online). What’s happened is, recently there’s been a couple of people announcing that they have either matched, unmatched, or spoken to celebrities on there.

One user took to TikTok to say that she unmatched with 'Ben Affleck' assuming it wasn't really him, but then he sent an Instagram message asking her why she unmatched. 

The video hasn't been proved to be legitimate, but it has clocked up around five million views on TikTok, so that's peaked people's interest in Raya. 

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