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Your 2021 plans could include visiting the wreck of the Titanic

A company is recruiting ‘mission specialists’ to explore the famous shipwreck next summer

James Manning
Written by
James Manning

Whatever was on your to-do list for next year, we’re guessing it wasn’t exploring the sunken remains of the world’s most famous metaphor. If it was, though, you’re in luck: aspiring Steve Zissous with deep pockets can join an underwater mission to the decomposing wreck of the RMS Titanic next summer.

Six Titanic voyages with Oceangate Expeditions depart from the USA and Canada next year, and applications are open for ‘mission specialists’ to join the crew – for a price.

The expedition company emphasises that these ‘citizen scientists’ are not tourists. They’ll be expected to work hard and get hands-on with navigation and maintenance, as well as getting to do cool stuff like piloting a mini-submarine that’ll be used to scan the shipwreck. Each mission will conduct three dives to a depth of 12,800 feet.

Your round-trip ticket for a nine-day mission costs $125,000, and you’ll need to meet a number of eligibility criteria as well as passing a virtual interview. But hey: it all sounds worth it for a chance to find out whether Leo and Kate could both have fitted on that door.

Too pricy? How about swimming with whales under the midnight sun in Iceland?

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