Le Bivouac de Napoléon

Tente de campagne de Napoléon Ier avec son mobilier, Paris.
© Mobilier National et manufactures des Gobelins, de Beauvais et de la Savonnerie

The Galerie des Gobelins recreates one of Napoleon’s lavish military campaign homes.

This exhibition at the Galerie des Gobelins allows visitors to wonder at all the luscious furniture transported across Europe for the comfort of Napoleon during his military campaigns. When on the road, the Emperor would lodge in a temporary ‘bivouac’ camp, but inside the tents you’d find all the excessive comforts and trappings of his palace back home. Here, the museum curators attempt to reconstruct the travelling luxuries available to the petit caporal, and in so doing they create a brilliant, immersive exhibit.



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