Philippe Mayaux, 'Le Destin des fantômes'

Exposition Philippe Mayaux à la galerie Loevenbruck
'L’arbre a? champions (de?tail)', 2011
Exposition Philippe Mayaux à la galerie Loevenbruck
'Il e?tait un e?tre', 2011

Philippe Mayaux, 2006 winner of the Marcel Duchamp Prize, never ceases to surprises us. Since his debut in 1990, he has always used a skilful mixture of styles and mediums - resulting in a wildly eclectic and kitsch body of work. His latest exhibition at Loevenbruck invites us to explore the fates of ghosts through a series of installations, drawings and paintings. It’s a return to the world of the macabre he explored in 2010’s ‘Chers Os’, his last exhibition at the gallery, only this time with added dollops of black humour. This opportunity to share a wry smile with one of the most exiting artists of the present day (and for free) is too good to turn down.

By: Tania Brimson / translation: Rachel Webb