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Compagnie DCA  (© Laurent Philippe )
© Laurent Philippe

Spectacle 'Sombreros', 2008.

Compagnie DCA (© Anita Giola)
© Anita Giola
Compagnie DCA
Compagnie DCA (© Xavier Lambours / Signatures)
© Xavier Lambours / Signatures

Spectacle 'Octopus' 2011.

 (© Design Hartland Villa)
© Design Hartland Villa

A new show that takes the long view, delving into Philippe Découflé’s DCA dance company’s archives and extracting its favourite memories. But far from playing a tired game of nostalgic remembrance, cobbling together the obvious ‘best of’ moments, ‘Panorama’ instead reinvents the pieces, using a liberal re-interpretation of the works in order to invest them with a new life. In this spirit, Découflé has chosen seven new dancers just for this new production – a mixture of improvisation, song and visual tricks, woven together through the music of Claire Diterzi, Spot Phelizon and Tao Phiengpheng.

By: Ellen Hardy