Fills Monkey : Incredible Drum Show

Theatre, Comedy
4 out of 5 stars
Fills Monkey

You can get there 20 minutes early and risk freezing to death outside in pursuit of a good spot, or arrive on time and risk seeing nothing by the back of the person’s head in front of you. It’s the major impracticality of the Sentier des Halles space, but if you can gte past that then this show is worth it – especially as it’s more about hearing than seeing. On the stage, two drum kits are set up, and behind each a bonkers musician: Yann Coste and Sébastien Rambaud, the one in braces, the other in a checked shirt.

Together, they have created ‘L’Incredible Drum Show’, a four-handed percussion piece that’s original, intelligent and never monotonous. Between drumstick battles, juggling and air drumming, each mini-scene is a talent showcase that riffs on an immense amount of musical knowledge. Both funny, precise and well thought out, this crescendo performance is a huge pleasure.

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