Bal masqué au Régine's

Music, Dance and electronic
Nouvel An

Régine’s has been ze place to be and be seen in for decades - even if being seen might prove to be difficult this New Year’s Eve thanks to the soirée’s theme, ‘the masked ball’ (bal masque). Get dressed up to the nines if you want to get in, choose your mask (à la Eyes Wide Shut) at the door, then strike up a conversation with the people who have the nicest chins - it’s all you can see! There’s an open champagne bar between midnight and 1am, then your ticket gives you two extra drinks at the bar. Sound wise Chacha Club’s Niel Urbano will be offering an eclectic mix of pop, from Daft Punk and Donna Summer, to Snoop Dogg, Abba, Justin Timberlake and Justice. In short you'll be dancing until 5am when pains au chocolat and croissants are handed round for free.