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Oxmo Puccino : "Le roi sans carrosse"

Step through the looking glass at the Philharmonie de Paris from February 4 to 8. Harking back to the imaginary world of Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic, France’s brand new music venue is hosting Wonderland for a long weekend of performances by guest acts with their own playful interpretations of Alice’s world.

Lebanese trumpet player Ibrahim Maalouf and French rapper Oxmo Puccino will give a sung interpretation of the novel accompanied by the young talents of the Orchestre des Jeunes du Conservatoire; the Paradis Eprouvette troupe promise an audacious kid’s show that recreates the madness of Alice’s world in theatre, song and modern music; and the Orchestre National d’Île de France will give a series of interactive concerts. The Mad Hatter would be delighted with this one.



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