Cité Internationale Universitaire

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The Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris is an odd mix. Created between the wars in a mood of internationalism and inspired by the model of Oxbridge colleges, its 37 halls of residence across landscaped gardens were designed in a variety of supposedly authentic national styles. Some are by architects of the appropriate nationality (Dutchman Willem Dudok, for instance, designed the De Stijl-style Collège Néerlandais); others, such as the Khmer sculptures and bird-beak roof of the Asie du Sud-Est building, are merely pastiches. The Brits get what looks like a minor public school; the Maison Internationale is based on Fontainebleau; the Swiss and Brazilians get Le Corbusier. You can visit the sculptural white Pavillon Suisse (,, which has a Le Corbusier mural on the ground floor. The spacious landscaped gardens are open to the public, and the newly renovated theatre stages drama and modern dance.


Venue name: Cité Internationale Universitaire
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