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Five tips for getting the most out of your Made in America experience

By Patrick Rapa

JAY-Z’s Made in America Festival returns to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway Labor Day weekend, bringing two days of concerts to five stages along the thoroughfare that connects City Hall to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (see the full performance lineup here). Thousands of music fans are expected to come into the city for the festival, which means you better start planning if you want to get the most out of your experience. Here, we lay out some simple expert tips on what you should do to prepare for the festival and what you can expect while you’re there.

1. Bring hand sanitizer

Most bathrooms on-site are Porta Potty units. When you get home, consider dipping yourself in Purell.

2. Be strategic

Keep your eye out for signs of fratboy migration. When the white ballcaps are pointed at the stage (like, for instance, when the Chainsmokers are playing), that’s when lines will be shortest at the beer gardens.

3. Keep your eyes peeled for nonperforming famous people watching from the wings

Later you can be like, “I saw Kelsey Grammer going nuts for Green Velvet; here’s a blurry iPhone pic!” Or whatever.

4. Hit the free water-bottle filling stations frequently

You are permitted to bring “empty aluminum and factory-sealed bottles” of water into the festival. There will be several filling stations on-site, so fill up often.

5. Pack wisely

The list of things you’re not allowed to bring into Made in America is huge: alcohol and other drugs, weapons, lawn chairs, fireworks, Frisbees, backpacks bigger than 12-by-12 inches, professional cameras, etc. For the full list, go here.

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