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tips for decorating your window for Christmas and the holidays
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Here’s how to decorate your windows for the holidays

Josh Middleton

Don’t be the scrooge on your block with the shades drawn all season. No matter what holiday you get behind, you can find tasteful ways to celebrate with fun window displays. Here Stephanie Jolles, the owner and operator of local punk-rock outfitter Crash Bang Boom, who decks out her windows every year, offers tips on how to do your decor just right.

Twinkling lights are essential

Everyone can see your decorations in the daytime, but glimmering lights will make your window really pop at night. “I prefer the traditional twinkling lights instead of the LED varieties, because of the warmer glow,” says Jolles. “It’s worth the couple of extra bucks on your electric bill.”

Pull out your shiniest ornaments

If you’re looking for pizzazz that comes across even during the day, opt for ornaments that reflect the sun, like metallic balls or glossy little menorahs. “You can hang them from garland for a traditional look—or, for a modern twist, put them in apothecary jars or vases.”

Rep your city

Add some kind of trinket that screams Philadelphia, like a Phanatic ornament or something that says “jawn.” This, Jolles says, kills two birds with one snowball: You not only get to show Philly pride, but you’re supporting local business owners, too.

Make it last with diamond dust

“This stuff is a crafter’s dream for adding that extra sparkle,” says Jolles, though she suggests that extra-tidy types may want to avoid it. “It’s always around no matter how much you clean, but I like that because it makes me think of the holidays all year round.”

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