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Gay men say they'd rather the Eagles win the Super Bowl
Photograph: Shutterstock

It’s official: Gay men want the Eagles to win the Super Bowl

Josh Middleton

If rainbows are good luck charms, then the Eagles have that much more of an edge when it comes to bringing home that Vince Lombardi Trophy this year.

Gay hookup app Hornet surveyed its users to find out who they wanted to win the Super Bowl, and our Birds came out the overwhelming winner—with nearly 40 percent saying they’re rooting for the Eagles. That’s compared to a lousy 20 percent of folks who want the New England Patriots to win.

They also like our green uniforms better, at least slightly: 37 percent said they preferred the Eagles getup versus 34 percent for the Patriots

Our quarterback didn’t fare so well. In the same survey, 45 percent of gay dudes say that Tom Brady is hotter than Nick Foles, who had a 24 percent showing.

When it comes to the halftime show, survey takers unsurprisingly said Lady Gaga was their favorite performer over the past five years. And 35 percent said they’d rather see Janet Jackson performing alongside Justin Timberlake this year, instead of JT’s scheduled solo act. Hey, even gay men love a good nip slip.

Looking for an LGBTQ place to watch the Super Bowl? Many of the gay bars in Philadelphia should be showing the game, but your best bet is one of the two gay sports bars in town: Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar and Boxers PHL. Both have tons of big screen TVs and should have drink and food specials on game day.

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