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Osteria is selling a limited number of homemade panettones starting today

Josh Middleton

If you’re looking for an eye-popping treat to bring to Christmas dinner look no further than these massive panettones at Osteria.

The restaurant unveiled 80 of the traditional Italian sweet loaves today—all made by Head of Pastry Danielle Seipp in what is perhaps one of the more laborious tasks in the world of pastry creation. It involves a gooey, unforgiving dough, a lengthy fermentation process and near-constant watching over. Look, they even have to be hung upside down so they don’t collapse.

Osteria Panettone

Photograph: Courtesy URBN

The tedious process has been referred to as “the Mount Everest of baking,” and Seipp and her team have climbed it victoriously, once again. Just look how victorious she looks.

Danielle Seipp

Photograph: URBN

Now you have to be a victor of sorts if you want to enjoy the fruits of their labor—there are only 80 panettones available, after all. Osteria began selling them today, December 20, and will continue until December 23, or while supplies last. They’re $50 a pop, and can be had by calling 215-763-0920 or by picking them up in person at Osteria (640 N Broad St).

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