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We Sent Two Strangers on a Blind Date. Here’s How it Went.

Josh Middleton

Will sparks fly when you mix a kitty playdate with booze and spicy arepas? We sent two strangers, Christian and Sara, on a blind date to find out.

The Fun: Kawaii Kitty Cafe

A cat at Kawaii Kitty Cafe

Photograph: Kate McCann

Sara: “I loved snuggling with a gaggle of tabby kittens. Christian and I talked about our heritage and travels. I could tell he was an intellectual type.”

Christian: “In the front room customers can reserve playtime with adoptable kittens. Today it was used for staring in quiet judgment at two strangers on a blind date—with kittens.”

The Dinner: Puyero Venezuelan Flavor

Sara Crouse and Christian Sarkis Graham at Puyero Venezuelan Flavor

Photograph: Kate McCann

Sara: “I was psyched to try some arepas. Christian and I got to know each other a little better, but we were both ready for some cocktails to loosen up the conversation.”

Christian: “The food here was pretty incredible. I kind of wolfed it down, so here’s hoping that came across as endearingly candid and not just obnoxious.”

The Drinks: Tattooed Mom

Christian Sarkis Graham and Sara Crouse walk down South Street

Photograph: Kate McCann

Sara: “We started with their Tiki Kitty cocktail, which came in a cute ceramic cat mug. After a few drinks we decided to hit up another local bar to watch the Eagles game.”

Christian: “We started with a mixed specialty cocktail. She’s not into sweet drinks, and I generally prefer beer, so maybe we just wanted to make up for not adopting a café cat.”

The Verdict

Sara: “I thought Christian was really cool and laid-back. He’s not my usual type, but I’m looking forward to getting together again—maybe this time with fewer cats.”

Heart rating: ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 🖤

Christian: “I liked meeting Sara. She’s cute, a warm personality and a fun conversationalist. I enjoyed the bit of her I could get to know after one night, so why the hell not? I’d do it again.”

Heart rating: ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 🖤

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