A Star Is (Mel)Born!: A Deira Bowie Showie

A Star Is (Mel)Born!: A Deira Bowie Showie
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A Star Is (Mel)Born!: A Deira Bowie Showie says
100 years ago, Deira Bowie left the heavens to grace Earth. Over the past century she has cured diseases, built cities, battled and defeated monsters, but all those acts pale in comparison to her most recent achievement!

Yes, we are celebrating Deira Bowie's domination of the Portland Comedy scene! And who better to perform this tribute in front of than her two lovely parents visiting all the way form Melbourne, Australia!!!!?

They know she's a comedic angel, but lets team up to show them how great she is by having an amazing comedy show in a grocery store!!! This Friday!!! At 7!!!!!

The line-up is a buffet of Portland's strongest comedic forces, all gathering to pay tribute to our favorite Thunder from Down Under! AND OBVIOUSLY IT WILL BE HEADLINED BY DEIRA BOWIE!

Comics include:
Nathan Brannon
JoAnn Schinderle
Neeraj Srinivasan
Patrick Quinn
Becky Braunstein
Jason Traeger
Lucia Fasano

and Hosted by Chris Khatami

See you this Friday! 7pm! At the Ross Island Grocery!
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