Bahttsi At The O'neill Pub (Formerly Biddy's)

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Bahttsi At The O'neill Pub (Formerly Biddy's)
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Bahttsi At The O'neill Pub (Formerly Biddy's) says
Slamfunkingroovingreengrass Moozik that Swings and Snorts.
Audio samples are at

This show will be on the acoustic side and may not include all seven, but here is their usual full lineup:

Drums = Strawdog Burdon; purveyor of many musical absurdities, who in this group focuses on ideas somewhere between outright pounding/bashing and free (soft) jazz. This is a complicated person with highly developed cribbage skills and a penchant for small rubber snakes. He can play anything, but proceed with caution.

Bass = Tantor; plays mostly by feeling around on the neck in the amazing raking technique. The tallest member of this group or any group. Excellent at imitating both drunkeness and sobriety, sometimes simultaneously. Influences include Merv Rosell, Styles Bitchly and Jackie Treehorn. Ank Tantor!

Fiddle/Mandolin/Guitar = Griff Bear; a cross between finely honed classical skills and sleep-deprivation induced sonic freakouts which must be seen/heard to be believed. Able to take it farther/higher/faster than you think at first, and also capable of getting my wife's goat faster than even me. Ideology unknown, but somewhere between Christian fundamentalism and Bhuddist punk rock.

Guitar/Trombone = ZRqXYZXC*4.2; Dedicated servant of aural obscurities on the world's sexiest instrument. Influenced by everything, ZRqXYZXC*4.2 claims both a penchant for countrified weirdness as well as a "tiny bit of a drug problem." Able to balance the driving needs for both extreme musical exploration and a search for the Invisible Army of the USA.

Mandocello/Bizouki/Cittern/What is that thing? = Marc van Vizzle in the Hizzle; beeps, blurps, and screeches permeated by a weird innate sense of rhythm, and an attitude towards vocals best described as "freestyling." This former mayor of Kelso is the glue which holds the band together, and is a sought-after motivational speaker as well. One love, ya'll.

Guitars (laying down, standing, sitting, and double reverse piking) = Dylan-Thomas Vance; The newest member of the band is in fact a total nut. He passed through the probationary period in record time, in part because absane debauchery follows wherever he goes. (We like that in a pledge.) In addition to the never ending party scene hoopla, he has many guitars, and is an expert at making them go zing zip boing boing zing zip boing. Before we even knew what was happening, Dylan single-handedly resuscitated the band from perma-hibernation stasis pod mode, and also invented the genre known the world over as Bawk Rawk (tm). He can sing both soft and loud, and has a Ph D in Chasing the Squirrel. SOY NYSE.
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By: the O'Neill Pub

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