Brennen's Portland Memorial/Celebration/Hootenany/Hullabaloo

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Brennen's Portland Memorial/Celebration/Hootenany/Hullabaloo
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Brennen's Portland Memorial/Celebration/Hootenany/Hullabaloo says
This Thursday 4pm...until the sun comes up on a new day...
At Refuge PDX
4-7 pm gathering of love, stories, laughter, support and acoustic music. It's a potluck - bring spirits and food and your instruments and pillows...
7 pm - till whenever... the stage is ours. Lets create a night of gnarly, loud, hellacious, electrified jams. The capacity is 500. Invite whomever.
This is an open space that welcomes all who were touched by him in whatever way. Spending time with his friends and family heals us and brings us joy. Thank you for coming together in community.
We would love to collect your stories and share ours. Please take a moment before Thursday to write us about him. Your zany adventures and stories will help his siblings know sides of him that crack us up. No need to sanitize of it, just share. Please seek out his sister and brother and tell them personally as well.
There will be a burn barrel at the venue for you to write your private words to
Brennen Smith, our weary now resting traveler.

Let's take this tragedy and use it as an excuse to come together with the people we love and celebrate the time we were able to have with our number one bad boy. So bring food, drinks, winks, laughs, love, instruments and anything else you feel would be appropriate. I love all of you.
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