Caitlin Rooney Presents Nicholas Michael Kinsella; Single Rows

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Caitlin Rooney Presents Nicholas Michael Kinsella; Single Rows
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Caitlin Rooney Presents Nicholas Michael Kinsella; Single Rows says
Single Rows
works by Nicholas Michael Kinsella
March 3rd - 21st, 2016

Opening Reception:
First Thursday, March 3rd from 6-9pm
Holt Gallery, Room 207
511 NW Broadway, Portland, OR, 97209


David Foster Wallace might have predicted normcore, but he hardly sported it. What does the leather jacket say to the denim jacket? Google search “we are the same” and you’ll find songs by both Kenny Rogers and Sum 41. If you listen to Country radio long enough to hear trap beats you, too, might find - the sentiment is shared.


Alt answer: "We both look cool."

Did you know that Kenny Roger's collaborated with former Kentucky Fried Chicken CEO John Y. Brown, Jr. in 1991 to start up the restaurant chain Kenny Rogers Roasters? The chicken and ribs chain was featured in the popular sitcom Seinfeld.

On the November 27, 1997, broadcast of Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Rogers could not pick his chicken out in a taste test, claiming he preferred "greasy burgers."

Meanwhile, Sum 41 created a series of cartoons based on superhero "Stickman Moss", who saved the world from anti-punk figures who endangered the world of punk rock.



Single Rows is a body of work that uses representations of ephemera and experience, through characters, to investigate cultural modes of function. Specifically, it investigates depictions of the ‘outsider’ or the avant-garde in the age of commodity. This commoditized culture propels an ongoing evolution within the counterculture. The unique snowflakes melt into the same shitty puddle.


Or a glass of water.


Nicholas Michael Kinsella is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Milwaukee, WI. Kinsella received his BFA from MIAD in 2015. During the Summer of 2015 Kinsella started Horses, an experimental exhibition space in an alleyway garage, which he operates in collaboration with exhibiting artists. Kinsella continues to show his own work within and outside of traditional art settings.

Caitlin Rooney, (Milwaukee, WI), is a 2nd year PNCA MFA in Visual Studies candidate and MFA Curatorial Fellow. Rooney is the current facilitator of exhibitions at the Lodge Gallery via Allied Works Architecture and PNCA Holt Gallery / Student Project Space at 511 NW Broadway. She presents this exhibition as discourse.
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