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[D.G.A] (Japan), Office Products + Tba
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[D.G.A] (Japan), Office Products + Tba says
The group performance will include spoken word poetry by Yoshinori Henguchi, music by Shinji Wada who has toured with the Boredoms in Japan, and an art performance by Mizuuchi Yoshihito.

For a sample of the kind of performance they envision, please see the link below.

Double Good Artist in Residence introduction

Artist Profiles
Yoshinori Henguchi Poet – Photographer

Born July 26, 1973 in Osaka, Japan. In 2000, Yoshinori Henguchi debuted as a poet in the Japanese poetry magazine Wasteland. In 2006 he then received the Canon New Cosmos of Photography Award for his photographic artwork. In 2010, Henguchi founded the gallery and performance space, Kurome-garo in Osaka where continues to host talk sessions, readings and exhibitions. In 2011, he was a guest artist for the Dusseldorf Art Exposition where he held readings and participated in the "Anti Foto" exhibit with Rieko Shiga, and Takano Ryudai. Last year Henguchi published a seminal collection of surreal poetry, Lizard Telepathy Fox Telepathy, in a bilingual Japanese/English edition from Chin Music Press.

Yoshihito Mizuuchi

Born 1978 in Hokkaido, Japan. Active internationally in projects such as "The Mr. Takahashi Group" comprised of "Mr. Takahashi" alone, and creating a complete copy of the world for his project "Scan Earth." Mizuuchi also and has a solo-group-compedy featuring his voice "Mr. DJ." He is also a member of the band, "A Giant Thus Enormous" and "The Fart Championship." In 2010, with a grant from the Asian Cultural Council, Yoshihito Mizuchi was awarded a 6 month residency in New York City where he produced his artwork. He is the owner/operator of the production label, "Mrs. Triangle" and operates a workspace/bar of the same name.

Shinji Wada

Born in Osaka. Active member of the iconic Japanese psychedelic rock band DMBQ and with Yoshihito Mizuchi is a member of KYOZIN YUENI DEKAI, "A Giant Thus Enormous." In 2013 his improvisational band, the WADAROCKERS began to produce music for films. His use of warped female vocals, tortured beats, multilayered soundtracks have gained recognition for his work. In recent years he has been performing solo with only a drum set and guitar/multiple bass amplifiers. The audio for these sessions PANA CUT 8/PANA8 is spreading a new Osaka sound and is released by the label birdFriend. In 2015 Shinji Wada participated in shows with The Boredoms on drums.
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