Dawn Of Time 2: Featuring Spl, Glacier Lion, Minesweepa, And Powermitten

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Dawn Of Time 2: Featuring Spl, Glacier Lion, Minesweepa, And Powermitten

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One year ago the Unity Tribe started to come into its own... Join us for the end of the long cold winter and the new beginnings of springtime....A night of great music, awesome people... beautiful lights.... and heart pumping bass. 25,000 sqft warehouse.... Plenty of room to socialize, hoop, glove, spin poi, dance and meet new friends... 2 stages, and a large social room to hang out... 16+ with valid id Presales $20 Door $30 $25 in costume (Kandi and bright/neon colors) $50 VIP comes with free reentry, lanyard and badge, free water in vip area and a goodie bag. $3 reentry No weapons, no drugs, all bags and persons subject to search The artists: Headliner stage 1: SPL :http://warpathgroup.com/bookings/spl/]] :https://www.facebook.com/TheSPL]] https://soundcloud.com/spl]] From his roots in the drum and bass movement, to the formation of his label Hollow Point Records in 2009, and now with the emergence of his trademark forward-thinking “Balearic Bass” sound, SMOG Records artist SPL stands poised to continue striking blows into the hearts and minds of electronic dance music veterans and initiates alike.Sam Pool spent his early years in Oregon, studying music theory, piano, and drums — skills he would refine during a year abroad in Amsterdam, where he studied audio engineering. His cutting-edge fusion of styles balances equal parts reverence for musical history with restlessness for innovation. Releases in the 2000s on revered D&B labels Barcode, Tech Itch, and Evol Intent set the stage for a switch in 2008 to dubstep, a move that was immediately supported by releases through industry giants Sub Human, Rottun, and Amorphous Music. No stranger to the upper echelons of the bass music universe, SPL has been remixed by some of the biggest names in the game: Bro Safari, UZ, Big Gigantic, and The Panacea. His remixes for the likes of Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, Downlink, and Dieselboy exhibit his diverse approach in production styles and genres.Combining arpeggio-heavy 90′s era rave elements with his own brand of heavy bass music, SPL’s ‘Balearic Bass’ EP forthcoming on SMOG September 3, 2013, showcases this virtuoso producer at his best. With over 100,000 Soundcloud plays in the month of July alone on his genre-bending, dance-floor leveling track “The Future,” a BBC Radio One mix comprised of 100% original music, ThisSongIsSick.com]]’s premiere of his Balearic Bootleg series, and instant support on the ‘Balearic Bass’ EP from UK tastemakers Skream, Benga, and UKF, the world at large is set to discover something the underground has known all along: that SPL has been, is now, and forever shall be a leader in the world of heavy bass music. Headliner stage 2 Glacier Lion What do you get when you cross an immortal with the penguin king? We couldn’t figure it out either. DJ Antartica (CEO of Arctic Productions, beefy mountain man and skydiver extraordinaire) and drmöbius (owner of Rayth Studios, drmöbius, LLC, and CTO of Arctic Productions) have teamed-up at very special events in the past such as Supertime Warp Party 2, Baconology, X Marks The Spot and others; have finally joined forces to form the electronic duo: Glacier Lion. With a combined 21 years of experience behind the decks backed by top quality production, these two Kikwear resident DJ’s deliver the most soul jarring hard electro, body moving house mashups, and mind bending progressive house in— wait are you really reading this? I’m making this shit up as I go. --IN THE MOTHERFUCKING UNIVERSE BITCHES! BOOSH! In all seriousness, we play kick ass hard electro and supplement our performances with fun shit like confetti cannons, CO2 blasters, Glacier Lion l00t, Kikwear l00t, and crazy high energy fun. We will put on a show you talk about for years. —Or months. Maybe a few days minimum. MInesweepa https://www.facebook.com/MineSweepa]] :https://soundcloud.com/minesweepa]] MineSweepa is a 19 year old producer from the Pacific Coast of the United States. Sweepa produces a wide variety of sounds that vary between edgy basslines and tranquil melodies. With his experimental mindset, it’s difficult to know just what exactly to expect from him. What you can expect, however, is quality music. While climbing the electronic music charts as early as age 16, he has managed to sign multiple releases under major labels such as Ultragore, HeavyArtillery, Multikill, and most recently, Firepower Recordings. He has also landed remixes for multiple big name artists, even taking the prize as winner of the remix competition for Getter’s track, “Fallout.” All this being said, the EDM industry waits in eager anticipation as MineSweepa matures into a top flight touring artist. Be sure not to miss it. Powermitten: :https://www.facebook.com/powermitten.approves]] :https://soundcloud.com/powermitten]] Chaos https://www.facebook.com/DjChaos206]] :https://www.mixcloud.com/djchaos206/]] DRTYDNCN :https://www.facebook.com/drtydncn]] :https://soundcloud.com/drtydncn]] DrtyDncn is quickly becoming a prominent name in the Melbourne Bounce / Future Melbourne scene. The duo, consisting of MattyB (Matthew Becker) and Jarret Vogel, first met at a mutual show, worked on some music together and haven't looked back. The duo has truly hit the ground running and after just 5 months together, they released their first single, "YEAH" which was featured on :EDM.com and charted to #4 on their charts. Recently, their collab with Treyy G was released as an EDM.com Exclusive and has received amazing amounts of support! The duo has also received support from blogs such as RageJunkie.com]] and Smash The Disco and has also gained support from artist like as Joel Fletcher, Treyy G, Aaron Jackson and more! If you see this duo, look out and be prepared to bounce! STRIVE :facebook.com/strivesgotswagger :soundcloud.com/strivesgotswagger]] STRIVE was introduced to EDM early in 2006. It was a turning point in his life. He'd never experienced music that made him want to move...But after hearing some dope electronic beats he finally knew the joy of uninhibited dancing. Through the power of music and dance he was able to cope with the tribulations in his life, and was compelled to share that gift with others. Today STRIVE is widely recognized as one of the best Electro House DJ's the Northwest has to offer.STRIVE is a serious lover of House Music. Hard Electro, Dutch, Fidget, Tech, Bassline...His passion for the music is obvious, whether he's shuffling in front of a speaker or rocking the CDJ-S. Dirty House music is what captivates him, and it's the main weapon STRIVE uses to ignite dance floors. Be it a house party, an after party, an outdoor rave, a festival, or a warehouse banger, his energy is unrelenting, unmatched, and infectious. 2011-2012 proved to be whirlwind years for the young Portland DJ. 2011 saw STRIVE playing at every prominent EDM club in downtown Portland. He steadily smashed sets for virtually every prominent EDM production company in portland, slowly but surely earning a name for himself among Portlands most respected EDM DJ's as well as the party going public.Amidst a sea of wannabe DJ's, STRIVE distinguishes himself with his refusal to use computers, his precision mixing, harmonic hijincks, track selection, and his ability to light up any dance floor with his energy behind the decks. STRIVE is guaranteed to leave you yearning for more Sidetracked: :https://www.facebook.com/OfficialDJsidetracked https://soundcloud.com/dj-sidetracked Started performing in 2005 Portland Oregon. playing at festivals, clubs, and many of the biggest events in the NW. playing a mix (ELECTRO HOUSE, MELBOURNE, BASSLINE) One of Portland's most favorite and underrated dj's. known for bringing heavy hitting bass,and amazing sounds. C3lllar Dw3ll3r :https://www.facebook.com/C3llar.Dw3ll3r From his humble beginnings as a bouncer/janitor for Seattle's top rave venues of their time, C3llar Dw3ll3r has since become a staple in the Seattle scene as a DJ, promoter and achieved highly sought after residencies at Phase 3 Events as well as its Hard Dance focused brand Mayhem. He has always had an affinity for the harder, rougher, darker styles, and in the past year has been branching out to all corners of the NW, this guy does not know the meaning of the word "Disappoint" or "Terrible performance". He has been known to command the dance floor on the same level as some international headliners on the same lineup. Always ready to lay down sounds that will leave your ears ringing and your legs like jello his performances are never one to miss. Project Glow: :http://www.mixcloud.com/alexacarter18/glow-sessions-three/ https://m.soundcloud.com/project-glow https://m.facebook.com/alex.a.carter.18 https://m.facebook.com/pjdj516 Created from the duo of PJ DJ and Carter, Project Glow has been killing s--t on the decks together since 2009. First inspired by the harder styles of EDM , they banged out hardstyle and hard house at most of their shows until recently discovering a new found love in Melbourne bounce and electro house. So join them as they take you on the trip of a lifetime. Rexconer: :Www.facebook.com/AlphaTwinshshc :Www.SoundCloud.com/bisconermusic Two generations meet to bring you some amazing creative multi genre sets. Rexconer was started as a joke among friends between two Unity Productions resident DJ’s late 2014. The experiment ended up being successful. Specializing in Hardcore and Drum n Bass, They bring you a powerful high energy experience. Sean P https://soundcloud.com/5ean_p :https://www.facebook.com/SeanPofficial Sean P is a 23 year old electronic music DJ/Producer in PDX. With just under 2 years of being in the club/rave scene he has made his presence known. His different an unique approach to his sound has quickly resonated with crowds. After a few resident club nights, he made affiliations with Unity Productions in the very early stages, also gaining support from many other local affiliates. This artist has been making huge headway and with releases due later this 2015 year, he will be one to watch for. Kapton: https://soundcloud.com/kapton https://www.facebook.com/KaptonOfficial]] Groove Copeland :https://www.facebook.com/ben.copeland.1232]] :www.soundcloud.com/bencomusic]] Libra Twins https://www.facebook.com/libra.twins.5]] Dj Encrypted :https://www.facebook.com/djencrypted]] http://www.mixcloud.com/djencrypted/]] :https://soundcloud.com/djencrypted]] Hardcoredinary https://soundcloud.com/hardcoredinary/ CommonSen5e https://www.facebook.com/CommonSen5e]] :https://soundcloud.com/commonsen5e]] Manimal :https://www.facebook.com/ManimalPDX]] :https://soundcloud.com/robert-williams-31/start]] Konducter :https://www.facebook.com/KonducterrPDX]] :https://soundcloud.com/konducterr]] The sound: special thanks to Monolith sound and lighting for their assistance with the Unity Productions sound and lighting. The vendors: Ready Glow Fur, Leather, Jewelry, Clothing, Glass, and More! Grab it, touch it, pet it, and play with it, Stop in and check out our wide variety of local functional art. https://www.facebook.com/readyglow1Turning stuff into things since 2013. FACE/BODY PAINTING Dress down to get painted up! Need more art in your life? Missing that essential touch? visit spicey at the Ready Glow booth and complete your outfit with PAINT! full body painting available just ask. PDX Fractal Factory Glow Booth by The PDX Fractal Factory. We strive to provide everything needed to enhance the Radical Audio Visual Experience. L.E.D Glove sets premade, custom and programmable, l.e.d and fire poi, and replacement casings, batteries, diffusers, and more all at a compass

By: Unity Productions Inc.

Event website: https://www.facebook.com/1575972575980352
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