Electric Guitar/Bass Setup And Maintenance With She Shreds Magazine

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Electric Guitar/Bass Setup And Maintenance With She Shreds Magazine
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Electric Guitar/Bass Setup And Maintenance With She Shreds Magazine says
Our first workshop is a 1 day, 4 hour lesson on how to work on your own electric guitar setup. All ages, genders and levels of experience welcomed!

Has your guitar developed an annoying fret buzz? Has it gotten more difficult to press down on the strings and play bar chords over time? Does it sound out of tune even when you just finished tuning it?

Chances are all your guitar needs is a set up! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to adjust your guitar or bass to play beautifully, comfortably, and in tune. This can cost $60-75 when you take it to the repair shop, but you can learn how to do it yourself!

In this workshop you’ll learn:
-The parts of the guitar including basic wiring
- When and why a setup is important
- How to perform a basic electric guitar/bass setup including how to adjust your truss rod, string action, intonation, and pickup height
- How to fix common problems like fret buzz and uncomfortable string height

Bring in your own electric guitar or bass and leave with a better than new playing instrument!**

This workshop includes:
- A set of Ernie Ball strings
- Workshop overview: Step by step zine guide
- Access to the tools required to perform the setup
- Beginning to end guitar setup hands on workshop

**Guitars can be provided if you don't have one!

Cost: $35

About the teacher:

Megan Heffernan
Megan’s interest in guitar and bass restoration and repair first started when she bought a neglected used bass on Craigslist. Restoring the bass to a workable state sparked her interest in restoration and ignited a passion for enabling and educating musicians to repair and maintain their own instruments. Many projects later, Megan now specializes in guitar and bass set ups, electronics repair, and restoration. Megan is the author of “Restoring Your Guitar or Bass to its Former Glory” in She Shreds’ Issue 10.

When not working on guitars, you can find Megan playing the bass and supporting the Pacific Northwest music scene through local shows and volunteering at the TV show, Band In Seattle, which features the music and stories of Pacific Northwest bands.

Contact Information:
Megan Heffernan
Instagram: @m3521
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By: She Shreds