Fall In To Ourselves 1st Saturday Life Workshop Kirtan Om Base

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Fall In To Ourselves  1st Saturday Life Workshop Kirtan Om Base
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Fall In To Ourselves 1st Saturday Life Workshop Kirtan Om Base says
The kirtan group last month chose to work on self care this month, falling into ourselves.

How does it feel for you to consider taking care of yourself, loving yourself, FORGIVING yourself and nurturing the authentic core of you and offering yourself to the world in your well taken care of, loving, wholeness?

It's our practice this month and it's taken me a couple of WEEKS to gather myself to be in the practice. A lot of happening and sitting, singing and moving through to be able to get INTO. Let's practice together for the rest of this month and meet again November 5th at OmBase to bring it in and sing it out together.

Never heard of kirtan? Awesome! Come. See. Breathe. Sing.

Kirtan all star? Awesome! Come. See. Breathe. Sing.

Mantra, bhajans (songs we sing together), kirtan (call and response songs), some giggles, a bit of intentional guided meditation and a progressively deepening journey toward embodying healing and life energy.

We look forward to sharing, learning and feeling through ancient mantras and maybe a familiar rock and roll intro here and there.

Come. Sing. Leave happier.

This is ancient technology. People have gathered together like this for over 2,000 years. The sound strings were put together by sages to create certain feelings and even changes in the body and mind. Whaaaaat??!?? - truth. My personal experience including certified yoga teacher background and 30 years in cognitive neurophysiology using pranayama (breathing) and sound meditation with people in mental health, pediatric congenital disability and stroke rehabilitation proved it over and over. Here's some research from the NIH.gov for all of us scientific types and there's a ton more of scientific research on meditation and medtative chanting that also indicate it actually changes the brain activity. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3099099/

Suggested Donation: $10-$25 which supports your studio.
No money? Ok. Got Love? Bring that. Got inquiry? Bring that. Got fear? Bring that. Got breath? Bring that.

NOTE: Your presence is valuable. please come and raise the Bhakti Banshee Love with us and know that you are always welcome. Your donation is an offering to keep the studio space supported. OmBase offers the lush studio space free of charge for kirtan in seva (service) and love. Give what you are called to give. If you are unable to give money, bring love. Just come.

Open to all. All ages. All genders. All Love. Always kid friendly with your graceful guidance.

You will definitely find friendly people, guided meditation, wild divine luscious kirtan... be open to subtle magic.

What to bring: Your beautiful self and all the pieces you usually leave spread across your world. Be open to leaving us lighter and with more room inside you to breathe, love and dance.

Thank you to all of you who hold the ground and musical wow-ness with us all!! XOXOXOXOXO
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