Flamenco Dance For Senior Women

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Flamenco Dance For Senior Women
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Flamenco Dance For Senior Women says
Flamenco Dance for Senior Women
Fridays, 11am-12pm; starts May 6, 2016.

Beginning Flamenco Dance for Senior Women is a class that celebrates women’s life experience and explores the health benefits of dance through the beautiful Spanish cultural art form of flamenco. Instructor: Elena Villa.

Venue: Dance With Joy Studios, 7981 SE 17th Ave, Portland, OR 97202 (Sellwood area).
Cost: $11 paid by the month; $15 drop-in; or, see our website for punch card options.
Pre-registration: www.dancewithjoystudios.com
Studio contact: (503) 236-8160; info@dancewithjoystudios.com

Longer Class Description:
Flamenco dance is a wonderful creative outlet with mental and physical health benefits. Pioneered by the Gypsies of Andalusia (southern Spain), today, flamenco is found in countries around the world and is recognized as a powerful art form that expresses life experience and communicates human emotions. In 2010, UNESCO inscribed flamenco on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Come find out why this passionate, strong, expressive, and beautiful art form is considered part of our global human heritage! Structured with the absolute beginner and senior dancer in mind, this course will introduce students to the basic movements of flamenco dance and provide them with information about flamenco music, history, and culture, and tools for further study. If practiced regularly, the health benefits of flamenco dancing may include: increased mental acuity, upper and lower body muscle tone, increased flexibility, better posture and circulation, and a stronger core. Flamenco footwork may also help increase bone density by putting a load on the bones of the lower body. Taking dance also helps build community and allows us to celebrate life through movement!
Attire: Students should wear comfortable, form-fitting clothes that show the outline of the body, such as leotards and jazz pants or form fitting t-shirts and sweat pants; long skirts are fine as long as they do not hide the feet. Students will need shoes with 1- to 2-inch heels for learning percussive footwork patterns. In some cases street shoes will work provided they have strong heels. Information on where to purchase shoes will be provided. Sometimes character shoes and leotards can be purchased secondhand.
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By: Dance with Joy Studios