Francesca Blanchard: Alberta Rose Theatre (With Special Guest Bergerette)

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Francesca Blanchard: Alberta Rose Theatre (With Special Guest Bergerette)
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Francesca Blanchard: Alberta Rose Theatre (With Special Guest Bergerette) says
“Five Stars. Sliding seamlessly between downbeat indie, Americana and laid-back Laurel Canyon sound, Deux visions is sumptuous and velvety with Blanchard’s voice effortlessly seducing the ear. And the voice also seems to display two sides to its personality – the crystal-toned folk-pop songstress and the sultry French chanteuse.”
- R2 Magazine

Francesca Blanchard is a young French-American singer-songwriter whose lyrics and melodies reflect her bilingual and multicultural upbringing. Born in the south of France where her family resided until she was ten, Francesca recalls her Mediterranean childhood as one of bare feet on terra cotta tiles, fuchsia sunsets, and mistral breezes. La vie douce (the sweet life) aptly describes the rhythm and rhyme of those early years, where hours spent daydreaming and gazing off at the white-capped waves further nourished a love of wild, open spaces and the solitary peace of simple living in the heart of a family that was anything but conventional.

With parents who’ve worked for international humanitarian agencies worldwide, Francesca lived and went to school in Ethiopia and Burundi. Family journeys have taken her to over 30 off-the-beaten-path countries such as South Korea, Mauritania, Rwanda, Kenya, Egypt, Thailand, Australia, Honduras, Tanzania, Guatemala and India. She's learned to travel light and invite surprises, but also to rely upon an open mind and a listening heart as she's encountered such a varied sampling of humankind. Growing up in a household consisting of a French father, an American mother, and adopted siblings from Ethiopia and Guatemala, Francesca’s own family reflects a spirit where the sense of “belonging” comes not from a particular place or heritage but from the bonds of being passengers on the same metaphorical ship. This, she says, is why she sings: to nourish these bonds.

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By: Francesca Blanchard