Free Hot Soup And Cash Mob Pdx Tea Party (Not That Kind)! Meet 'N Greet!

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Free Hot Soup And Cash Mob Pdx    Tea Party (Not That Kind)! Meet 'N Greet!

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Free Hot Soup meets Cash Mob PDX! If you're not sure what Free Hot Soup or Cash Mob entails, then you're at the right event. This event is created as a "Meet 'n Greet" for those who are currently in Free Hot Soup but are new to the group and not sure which direction to take it from here once you're in the group. Or if you have friends who are considering of joining, but not sure how to explain to them what we do. This will all be addressed at the meeting. WHERE: We will be meeting at Rimsky-Korsakoffee House to discuss the topic centralized around Free Hot Soup. WHEN: March 15th, 2015 at 7:00PM to 9:00PM (Can't make it? We'll have another one soon! Don't worry.) WHY: There are two aspects, two groups, two missions to this event: 1. Free Hot Soup: This will allow us to meet and greet one another who we may be familiar by name on Facebook, but do not know in person. It will be the first time meeting for many people who have organized together but have never actually met them, hear from the depth of their voice, or put the face to the name. We will be discussing: who we are, who we are not, what we do, why we do what we do, and what you can do to help to clarify any questions newcomer may have. 2. Cash Mob PDX: Cash Mob PDX is another group that I've attempted to revamped in the past. It is in alignment with Free Hot Soup in the sense that it is community-centric. I started that page some years ago in an effort to revitalize the "Cash Mob" movement again in Portland (as well as the surrounding area). The purpose of a cash mob event is pool our funds together to support a local business and vote with our wallets. This way we keep the money local and have that go full circle and boost our local community. It also builds good rapport between community, people, and business and could help us out in the long run. This is a great opportunity to get to meet and know your local community member and network with each other so we can support one another through each other's endeavor and truly become a part of your community. Now you can see the idea behind these two groups, let's get to it. However, here are some basic rules to make sure we are actually SUPPORTING the local business rather than disrupting it. WHAT TO EXPECT: 1. Often times, the overwhelming appearance of a "mob" can intimidate and overwhelm a business. I will only notify the business if we have enough people confirming that they will be in attendance so that I can make sure they have the capacity to provide their service. This is usually if we have over 15 people, I will contact the business. In this case I am very well acquainted with the good folks at Rimsky and will make sure to get a hold of them prior. 2. When you arrive, please seat yourself and please live in the moment and enjoy each other's company. Introduce yourself to a new friend! I will have a name tag on to identify myself and will have blank name tag stickers for all of us to use. 3. Please be patient if there is a delay in their service because if we have 20 people showing up at once, chances are the orders will be backed up. Please understand that while we are choosing to "vote with our wallet and support local businesses" the suddenness of our presence (hence the term "mob") can also be disruptive. It is okay, as long as we work it out with the business so they are aware. I will be in contact with them to make sure we have a fairly smooth transition to support them. There is also a space-capacity limit, so if we go beyond 25 people, we will have to have people volunteer to join a later Cash Mob. That number is not an exact number and I will change it as necessary, but the point to make is if you confirm you are coming, please make sure that you do show up because this is how a Cash Mob works. If you cannot make it, please don't confirm so we can have an accurate head count for space to be in accordance to fire hazard capacity. Lastly, Rimsky is only able to take cash. There is an ATM at the Plaid Pantry next door, but there is typically a $2-3 surcharge for usage, so I advise you to plan ahead and bring cash only. $10 bucks should be plenty in my opinion, but they do have some delicious deserts so if you bring $20 that will cover your basis. LASTLY LASTLY -- Make sure you tip really well -- 15-20%. A lot of the staffs barely scrap by with their wage and this is where we can really make a difference in someone's day/month. This is the point of giving back to the community where they need it the most! I hope you'll join me then. -B