How To Get Your Business Groove Back

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How To Get Your Business Groove Back
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How To Get Your Business Groove Back says
This event is my favorite color: free. =)
AND you get to meet amazing Portland Professionals.


How to Get Your Business Groove Back
(Yes, there will be music)

We all fall into a funk sometimes.

Most people have felt the feeling of falling off course and feeling stuck. Perhaps you’re in a job you don’t like anymore and you’re bored, unfulfilled, and spinning your wheels. Maybe you were laid off and don’t know which way to turn, so you turn inward and feel a lack of energy. Or maybe you’ve shined in your position, but now you feel that you’ve risen as far in the company as you can go.

Groove: A verb meaning to smoothly interact, maintain or improve relations with business associates, a person, or a situation. – Urban Dictionary

How do you get your groove back and reach new success?

People get stuck in their stories. This is true in business as well as any area of life. Once you remove the story that is holding you back you’ll see endless possibility. That’s a big idea to swallow, but it’s true. The trick is to align your thoughts, feelings and actions, remove the unwanted story and take a few small risks to create immediate results.

Dawn Montefusco is a writer, blogger, and life coach. She will share tips and resources on how to feel more confident in creating new discoveries for your career. She will also discuss what holds people back from success, how to feel more energy in current work situations, and what it takes to get out of a comfort zone.

Attendees will:

**Learn one key story that has been holding them back from more success.

**Feel a new sense of freedom from the past.
Have a better idea on the next action to take for more success.

After the 4:30-5:30 event is that awesome PDXmindshare networking event where you can grab a cocktail and make some new personal & professional connections.

Mark your calendars! We hope to see you then!

Reminder: This is a FREE event! Everyone is welcome.
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